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Tips for election a perfect padel court.

Construcción pistas de padel

Padel is composed of metallic structure,glass, turf and light. Our job as professional manufacturer are offer the best product to the client.

Metallic Structure: 2 or 3 mm thick tubing.

For outdoor installations:  make a zinc process  to prevent rusting.

Painted process: the best method is that is carried out in a continuous chain which type epoxy polyester by electrostatic processes.

For the Glass tempered process is very important   the  time and temperature

Artificial Grass, there are fundamentally two qualities. In terms of the component‘s thread, polyethylene and polypropylene, and other two in terms of the type of sewing, fibrillated and monofilament. Polyethylene  is more durable and resistant to UV rays for outdoor installations. Monofilament is more durable than fibrillated, and is the election by the best players too. 

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